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The United SpaceRangers Association is a community of artists and entertainers,

farmers and free thinkers, engineers and social sculptors dedicated to promoting

peaceful positive change in our world. We aim to build and nurture a self-sustainable

culture that fosters our earth and supports and protects our spiritual and creative freedom.

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We are Flomentum! We are a fire performance troupe whose purpose is to nurture a community interested in the art and science of flow, to help each other learn and grow and to raise awareness of the life changing implications of flow in our everyday lives.

We are here to host a fun, safe space for fellow fire enthusiasts to practice and show off their arts.

<<< Checkout the FLOMENTUM BIO PAGE HERE >>>




Rob's Beer Barn - Ticket Outlet in Beavercreek

“Our Annual Summer Celebration
Could Not Be Successful
Without These Wonderful Supporters!”