Wham Bam Thank U Jam – August 18, 19 & 20th. 2017 |  Event Info

Event Info

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– THE BEST Weekend of the Summer ! –

Love of Life, Inc. is proud to present the

8th Annual Wham Bam Thank U Jam

August 18-19-20th, 2017

Annual Celebration of Music, Art and Life featuring over 25+ musical performers & bands on 3 stages, plus camping, art and food vendors, workshops, special guest speakers, dancing, drumming and the famous huge fire sculpture!


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This year marks the 8th Annual Celebration

– last year over 1,000 music and art lovers attended
a summer weekend of fun, food, and friends.


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Love of Life, Inc. is an all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting diversity through music, art and life experiences.

Their mission is to provide a festival-like atmosphere where musicians, performers, artists and music lovers can come together for a weekend Celebration.

Live – Love – Learn – Pass It On


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The Wham Bam Thank U Jam encourages guests to leave their pets at home.

This is not only for the safety of your pets, but the peace of mind and well being of all the attendees. As animal lovers ourselves, we realize that some of you simply can’t leave your “baby” at home for the entire weekend or can’t arrange for a sitter… so here are the official guidelines and policies for bringing your four legged friends.


Each pet brought to the Wham Bam Thank U Jam will be charged a $20.00 Pet Registration Fee. Each pet will receive a numbered tag to be placed on the animal’s collar that MUST remain on your pet for the duration of the weekend.
NO pet will be allowed on the premises without a numbered tag.

All proceeds from the registrations fees will be donated directly to the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA)


The pet you bring to the Wham Bam Thank U Jam is YOUR responsibility.
For the safety of our patrons and as a responsible pet owner it is your duty to control your pet at ALL TIMES. NO EXCEPTIONS!


ALL pets must be leashed at ALL times. NO EXCEPTIONS! Pet owners who fail to leash their pets WILL be asked to leave the premises without a refund.

No leashes more than 6 ft in length


No one likes to step in doggie doo so we are INSISTING that ALL pet owners scoop the poop when their little friends take a poo. All pet owners will receive doggie bags to retrieve the smelly gifts left behind so there will be NO EXCUSE for not picking up after your furry friends. PLEASE RESPECT YOUR FELLOW CAMPERS!

Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated by everyone!

Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated by everyone!


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Live – Love – Learn – Pass It On

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