LOVE Of Life and Wham Bam Thank U Jam Proudly Welcome 

THANK YOU for performing at our 8th Annual Celebration

from all the LOVE Of Life Volunteers, Supporters and Fans Old & New

Founding Fathers are musicians who list greats like Beck, Ween, and LCD Soundsystem among their biggest influence and it seems like the crowds are down with that. It’s hard not hear the influence of the Talking Heads when the band hits hard – but only because they love you.

When hands come out of pockets, heads begin to bob, and the scene kids start to listen then you know the sonic stupor that lays over the city has been broken.

Founding Fathers are on the scene. And what a scene it is. Fledgling but on its way up, they are at the crest of a musical wave about to crash in Southern Ohio. From the mean streets of Norwood to Riverside bars embracing rock shows. Cincinnati is starting to tune in and show up. That’s great news for Founding Fathers who thrive on bigger stages with bigger audiences, feeding off the energy of their ever-growing fan base.