LOVE Of Life and Wham Bam Thank U Jam Proudly Welcome


THANK YOU Aaron, Eric, Steve, Ed and Eric


for performing at our 8th Annual Celebration!


…from all the LOVE Of Life Volunteers,


Supporters and Fans Old and New


~ ~ ~


We are a Cincinnati rock band… 

a psychedelic play-land of good hard rock.

We sweat a lot on stage and play loud music.

Lemon Sky is a Cincinnati based psych-rock/prog-pop quintet that creates a heavy yet highly-melodic brand of psychedelic garage rock that combines the classic rock pomp and stomp of Led Zeppelin with the paisley pop melodies and modern musicality of Queens of the Stone Age for a forward-thinking sound rooted in the past.

The band’s signature three-guitar attack consists of vocalist Aaron Madrigal, lead guitarist Ed Bruker, and noise machine Eric Cronstein while the he foundation of the the group is laid down by drummer Eric Keyes and bassist Phteven Korfhagen. This pairing of instrumentation allows Lemon Sky’s live show to recreate and expand upon their recorded material with visceral textures, tonal layers, and rhythmic intricacies.

A Lemon Sky show is nothing if not full, heavy, and intense.

Keep your head straight. 

That is all.


Any Awards?

…our parents like our music.



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