Wham Bam Thank U Jam – August 16, 17, 18, 19th 2017 |  The Ram Ones

The Ram Ones

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Thank You Lyle and Shay for performing at our 8th Annual Celebration 

from all the LOVE Of Life Volunteers, Supporters and Fans Old and New!


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The Ram Ones are Ohio’s Premier Ramones Tribute Duo. An acoustic two piece that performs songs written, performed and/or recorded by The Ramones. The Ram Ones perform; in their own unique way, original Ramones songs or ones they covered during their career.

“Shay belts out the Lead Vocals while being accompanied by Lyle on Backing Vocals and Acoustic (Grandpa’s) Guitars…”

Shay and Lyle started jamming together around festival campfires in 2015. On May 14th, 2016, Shay made a post on facebook which stated “Let’s start a Ramones cover band” and tagged a few different people, Lyle being one of them, agrees it’s a great idea and immediately dubs the project Ram Ones.

After a little research it was discovered “Ram Ones” was taken by a non musical act; therefor, a “The” was added to the beginning of “Ram Ones” and became “The Ram Ones” at all future campfire jams and other assorted events and social gatherings…

An opportunity came along to perform at RESTOCK 2017, a local Dayton charity fund-raiser… The Ram Ones wanted to help out the worth while event and booked their debut show. On 1-28-17 they performed their first show with an overwhelming response from friends a new fans alike.


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A Wham Bam Welcome to THE RAM ONES!

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“Our Annual Summer Celebration
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