Love Of Life and Wham Bam Thank U Jam Proudly Welcomes

Hometown – Dayton, Ohio

Thank You to Zane Gerlach, Bryan “Hazy” Russel, Alex Delk, Matt Wallace and Kevin “K-Du” Dumont

for performing at our 8th Annual Celebration

from all the LOVE Of Life Volunteers, Supporters and Fans Old and New

~ ~ ~

Zane and The Sway has been described so kindly as “Sonic sunshine cranked to eleven”.

The band is comprised of veterans, newcomers, and the in between. Zane’s ability to write catchy, yet meaningful lyrics, and the band’s ability to arrange with originality, yet simplexity (yes, we had to make up a word to describe our writing style, which falls some where between the simplicity of pop/rock, and the complexity of jazz/fusion), combine to create elaborate soundscapes on which the words float atop in all their glory.

In short, live audiences find themselves both sweaty and smiling at the end of the show.

The sweat will dry, but the smiles will keep coming long after the music has stopped.

~ ~ ~


Zane and the Sway Video: